• Building lasting communities that stand for something. Slider Image

    Building lasting communities that stand for something.

    From the beginning DOGZAZ® has been about uniting communities through a unique branding of personalized caps and an interactive social media experience.

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The Dogzaz® Story

See how a simple adventure led to the creation of DOGZAZ®

The idea for this venture came after attending a Green Bay Packer™ away game in Minneapolis in November of 2013. As we enjoyed the pregame activities, the actual game itself, and post-game festivities, people would openly approach others, ourselves included, wearing Green Bay Packer™ branded clothing or head gear to say “hi” or ask “where are you from?” We were truly proud members of the Green Bay Packer community from the experience. 

Even when not at a Packer game, we’ve observed people are curious about where others are from. We came up with the DOGZAZ® hat concept believing that by wearing the DOGZAZ® hat with its unique dog tag, an inquisitive person could “sneak” up on another person to take a “sniff,” in the same manner as dogs greeting each other do, hence the personalized informative dog tags. 

At DOGZAZ® our love of dogs and how they greet each other gave us an idea that morphed into  a unique way for others to help each other by supporting noble causes.  Our goal is to help our wounded military veterans as they adjust to civilian life by helping those who rescue our canine companions through support of K9s For Warriors.

We know there are many such worthy causes to support so we have developed a vehicle for like-minded individuals that unite loyal fans and supporters for assisting those charitable causes.

Mission Statement

Providing the vehicle to help bring like-minded individuals and worthy charitable causes together.