January 28, 2016

Class Act!!!

Here at DOGZAZ we are proud of our relationship with K9s For Warriors.  We believe that this organization does GREAT things.  We also believe they do it in GREAT ways.  There has been some media coverage of other veteran groups where they only give a small percentage to the veterans.  Some groups waste money be throwing lavish parties.  Here's how K9s responded

In light of the CBS News report tonight, please note: K9s For Warriors has no affiliation with the Wounded Warrior Project. 
The most lavish party we have ever thrown is our monthly employee chili lunch--and its a pot luck.

With 22 veterans committing suicide everyday, we should all be working together to help our heroes heal from the wounds of war. We don't have a dollar or second to waste.

See our complete financials at www.k9sforwarriors.org

Bravo K9s.  Couldn't have said it better.  And with that...


 Dogzaz TY january 2016

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