March 21, 2016

Pet Expo wrap up

What a fantastic event.  We'd like to thank everyone who purchased a cap or dogtag.  We'd also like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth and chatted with us.  We were able to hear some fantastic stories and meet some great people.  Of course having Tiffany Baker and Buddy at the event made it all the more special.  She had made a comment that kids, without being taught or trained, were more apt to ask if they could pet Buddy than adults were.  She was absolutely correct (If you see a service dog with its vest on, you should never just try and pet them.  They are working).  I loved to see Tiffany talk to the kids and tell them it was OK for them to pet Buddy.  Of course Buddy loved the attention, specially from the other dogs walking around.  If anyone wants to see proof of what an important and awesome job K9s for Warriors does, they need look not further than Tiffany.  When I first met Tiffany she was a little shy and careful in large groups.  She was a dynamo at the Pet Expo.  So, well done Tiffany and well done K9s.  We will leave you with this adorable picture of Miss Annalise as she got to meet Tiffany and Buddy.


IMG 0245 


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